Conservatory and home extensions

A Guide to Conservatories and Home Extensions 

A conservatory is a fantastic way to add space, light and even value to your home. They are very common in both urban and suburban or rural homes.

We have put in place some tips and tricks to guide you through your conservatory or extension process and to make the most of your home.

1. Regulating temperature with effective central heating

Conservatory glass and glazing options are available to help regulate the temperature of your conservatory.

These help with retaining and reflecting heat in order to keep the conservatory warm in winter and cool in summer. More.

In addition to the glass, you will be able to discuss the best options for heating your conservatory with a plumber.

2. Planning Permission

To build on, modify or change your home or the use of land or buildings in the UK, you will need to apply for planning permission.

The purpose of planning permission is to consider the various factors – visual and environmental for example.

You can build certain types of structures and foundations without having to apply for planning permission, and while some single-storey extensions fall into this category, it is important to double-check with planning regulations before making any arrangements to extend your property.

More information on planning permission.

For more substantial renovations and home extensions, you may need to apply for a property development loan.

3. Roofing solutions for maximum light

Many roofing options help you get the desired effect in your conservatory. While some choose tiled roofs for their conservatories, other prefer polycarbonate roofs for maximised light.

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