Heating System

Rapid boiler replacement

If your existing boiler is more than a few years old and causing trouble, it’s probably worth repairing. The lack of good quality repairers, cost of parts & and time off work, make the rapid boiler replacement option extremely attractive. More services.

A new combination boiler can be installed the next working day, has a two year guarantee and only costs from as little as £1,390.00 including the VAT.

Trusted plumbers can also offer a wide range of models to suit your own requirements, and they should be installed by CORGI registered engineers.

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Conventional system conversion to a combination systems

Where your existing conventional system has a boiler, hot water cylinder and a cold water storage tank, a new powerful combination boiler can replace all these items and with many advantages.

Your existing shower will be transformed into a ‘power shower’, considerable space saving are made as the old boiler and tanks are removed, especially as the combination boiler can fit into a standard kitchen cupboard.

Full combination central heating installation from scratch

There are still many properties without central heating which would benefit from a new installation. Quick to warm, and with hot water on demand 24 hours a day, a centrally heated property is valued in today’s market far higher than one without. More benefits here.

A typical 3 bed roomed property with a new powerful combination boiler, 8 radiators, thermostatic radiator valves, digital time controller and thermostat will be installed in 4 days or less.