Changes to the industry – trends to expect in 2017

As time goes on, the economy improves which helps boost the construction industry. The construction market is constantly changing its strategies to keep up with the needs of the environment. Below are the trends that we should expect to see from the construction industry in the upcoming year. See: Construction Services.

Increasing energy efficiency levels

Construction companies are designing devices that help to promote energy efficiency in their work and final products. Recent creations were systems that recover energy through heat and occupancy sensors – this is now a vital tool within the construction industry.

In addition, businesses aim for construction companies that can offer more energy efficient features in both domestic and commercial properties. Many companies now install rooflights, as this not only adds a design unlike any other, they have low U Values, so greater ratings of saving energy within the home. Many trades in the UK choose EOS Rooflights as their preferred supplier. Click here.

Helping to conserve the environment

As people are much more concerned about the planet than ever before, requirements are becoming much stricter. See: Benefits of employing architects.

Architects are beginning to join other forces to create structures that the client desires. They are collaborating with environmental scientists and anthropologists to help design nurturing, meaningful and sustainable creations. Find out more about sustainable construction.

By doing this, it creates a more holistic perspective on designs and the built environment so we can further the development of the industry. We should expect a broad change in the next few years.

Continuing with offsite construction

Offsite construction is something that has been on the rise within the vast changing industry. Modular construction is an alternative building method that offers great benefits, that people seem to love. Read More: Why Modular?

The benefits are as follows:

  • Reduced construction time
  • Less waste produced
  • Cuts down costs

Offsite offers companies certainty in the job, compared to sticking to difficult schedules – those who are building healthcare facilities tend to use offsite construction.  However, for a strategy like so, a business has to achieve a certain amount of volume for these ideas to pay off compared to previous ways. Contact us.